Hack the City is about using open data for a better urban and civic experience.

It’s a hands-on event to use public data to test and prototype ideas, apps and products that can reveal something different about your city, or help people find out and engage more easily with the events, incidents and decisions that affects them.

There’ll be a room full of smart folk to collaborate on ideas with and plenty of food to keep you going, whether you want to prototype a data-driven startup concept, knock together an urban or civic hack or simply experiment with the data.

Who Can Hack?

All citizens are welcome. You don’t need software development skills, but they are always helpful.  The best hacks come from teams that combine technical and design talent, with a canny understanding of how users use digital and citizens could engage with their city. Some entrepreneurial hustle goes a long way too.

Hack what … is this legal?

Absolutely. Hackdays are not about breaking into computer systems. They’re about getting people together to create something quickly and using what’s available.

The projects in a hackday are called hacks – they’re experiments, done for play, learning or to test out a product idea.

The two key resources for Hack the City are the government’s publicly released open data sets, and the people who turn up to do things with them (along with their ideas, knowhow and resourcefulness). The major constraint is the time to design, build and deliver a hack.

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