Hack the City 4 – the Culture & Heritage Challenge

The Culture & Heritage edition of Hack the City is on its way! Join us on 10 Jan 2015 to see and show your city’s cultural offer in a new light through open data.

Any civic or urban experiment, visualisation or hack based on open data is fair game for the event. If you want to try something more ambitious, we are supporting the Open Data Challenge Series. This offers a chance to win £50k equity-free funding for your open data startup concept, if it helps address the current theme challenge:

How can we use open data to engage more people, and more diverse people, in UK heritage and culture?

Early Bird tickets are available free for individuals and teams thanks to support from our partners at the Digital Society Network and Sheffield Methods Institute.

Participate as an individual >> Create a team >>

Work in culture / heritage? We’re really interested in finding and creating value from the non-personal data in Sheffield’s cultural and heritage sector. If you work in an organisation in the sector anywhere across the city region and want to find out how you can do this without commercially exposing your organisation, please do get in touch.

If you’d like to sponsor Hack the City to help cover post-hack networking or contribute to prizes – please do get in touch.


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