Categories & Awards

Hack the City is about using open data for a better urban and civic experience.   Any project you want to do counts if it helps towards revealing something different about your city, or helping people find out about and engage more easily with the events, incidents and decisions that affects where and how they live.

We’re not prescribing categories of projects, but we will be recognising your efforts in the  following areas of achievement:

  • Most Ingenious Data Hack – the most cunning, penny-dropping, hack idea of the weekend.
  • Most Viable Product – the prototype with the best potential to be a real, financially sustainable product.
  • Best Core Contribution – don’t want to build a product, but want to help make better data sets? Invaluable.
  • Best Mobile Experience – not just a mobile app, but something that is conceived and built, from ground up, to be used in the mobile context.
  • Most Elegant Design – seamless integration between form and function, eliminating the friction between the data and its user
  • Most Brilliant Civic Insight – to help make a better urban, civic or participatory experience
  • Good Citizen of the Hack – embraces the collaborative and community spirit of the learning experience

If you’re interested in sponsoring prizes for any of these, we’d love to hear from you.

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