Open Data Challenge Series (Nesta & Open Data Institute)

Hack the City provides a testing ground for developing ideas that qualify for the Open Data Challenge Series, a programme of competitions aimed to both stimulate social innovation projects and help startup enterprises using open data.

The Series offers next-step development prizes of £5k each and a grand prize of up to £50k, along with an opportunity to enter their startup incubator programme including access to mentors, finance and office space.

Winning projects combines open data expertise with a credible plan and market. The Open Data Challenge Prize Series is funded by the Technology Strategy Board and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Digital Society Network

Digital Society Network

The Digital Society Network (DSN) draws together an interdisciplinary team of researchers engaged with research at the cutting-edge of society-technology interactions.Underpinning the network is a concern not only with how societies and individuals use digital technologies, but also the social implications and outcomes of an increasingly digitised world on numerous scales. In this way, digital society is understood as being the social aspect of the digital – a concern with who does and does not use digital technology, for what purposes digital technologies are being used, how effective technologies and platforms are, and the implications and outcomes of these practices.

Sheffield Methods Institute

Sheffield Methods Institute

The Sheffield Methods Institute (SMI) is a newly formed Institute that delivers high quality training and research related to quantitative and qualitative methods within Social Sciences. The primary aim of the SMI is to provide Sheffield graduates with the quantitative skills demanded by an increasingly competitive employment market.

The Better With Data Society

Better With Data

The Better With Data Society helps people discover the value of open data for their businesses and communities.  It catalyses cultural, societal and economic opportunities through better supply and demand for open data, and to promote civic and democratic engagement that makes communities stronger.

Based in the Sheffield City Region, the organisation runs monthly meetups for Open Data Sheffield, one of the longest standing open data communities in the UK.  As a city node of the Open Data Institute, it promotes world class open data innovation and knowledge sharing across the global open data network.


MundoJumbo - grassroots innovation, learning experience design, resilient ecosystems

Hack the City is produced by MundoJumbo, a grassroots and open innovation agency. It specialises in delivering purposeful and collaborative innovation through engaging group learning experiences.

As well as designing and delivering public programmes such as Hack the City, MundoJumbo helps enterprise clients to apply agile business analysis and lean startup techniques to develop products and services that customers want.

MundoJumbo has a strong network ethos, and applies its experience of devising innovation and peer learning ecosystems to clients in the economic development sphere who looking to implement successful open innovation and collaboration policies that can drive resilient economic growth strategies.